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About Us

Who We Are:

  1. Professional - We have qualified individuals ready to give you the best experience possible. We treat each client with respect and dignity, and deliver each service with integrity and professionalism.
  2. Driven - We not only want your business, but we are excited to service you. For this reason, we do not quit until the job is done, and put in the long and hard hours to insure that your service is delivered correctly and on time.
  3. Successful - There is no job too big or too small for us. If we undertake the task of assisting you, rest assured that we will be behind you every step of the way until the job is done. Failure, for us, is not an option. 

Our Mission:

To offer the best quality service in business development, management, education, and ministry. To help clients realize their dreams and assist them on their journey to independence. To build relationships that will last a lifetime. To lead individuals on the path for financial freedom, spiritual growth, and educational and personal development. To use the return from the business as a means to carry out evangelism and to spread the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:

To become a transforming presence in the communities we serve and beyond. We will be an authentic, reputable, and honest representation and embodiment of a Christian company. A company that is founded on Christian principles, driven by Christ’s commission, and that follows Christ’s example in every aspect of life. 

Our Values:


We strive for a degree of outstanding quality in all that we do. We only give our best, never less. And we commit ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Christian Embodiment

We place a great importance on striving to bring the following of Christ to the workplace, through how we conduct our business, and in our personal lives.


We do the right thing every time, and hold ourselves to a higher standard of honesty, consistency, and professionalism. We stand unified in our commitment to integrity.

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
1300 Melody Lane                   
Valdosta, GA 31601


Phone: +1 (706) 489-4055


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